Help for Ukraine War Victims

Dear friends, 

We created this fundraiser to help our longtime friend’s family which suddenly expanded from just two people to nine.  Refugee guys from Mariupol, Donetsk region: Ekaterina with her son Oleg, her husband Yevgeny, and his daughter Elizaveta lived at 100 Mira Avenue, on the 8th floor. On March 6, 2022, a shell hit the window on the floor below, and the apartment caught fire and collapsed. They managed to get out. They moved to their godfathers Anatoly, Victoria, and their daughter Ilona. They lived at Latyshev 27. After this house was destroyed, they moved to the apartment of Evgeny's mother, Irina. Where they lived until the 18th without water, electricity, gas, or heating, with very limited food and drinking water, under constant shelling. After the destruction of this house, they all together (an elderly woman, a pregnant girl, our friend's daughter, three children, two injured men) went on foot, under shelling, to the settlement of Mangush. From there they were taken by the Red Cross to the border of Ukraine with Russia, where our friend found them in a refugee camp.

As you probably know, Mariupol is currently facing an enormous humanitarian crisis due to being blocked off by Russian forces. Civilians remain with no electricity, food, water, or all other basic needs. Approximately 160,000 people remain besieged in Mariupol, over 3,000 have died, and whoever is managing to escape is doing so with nothing in their hands. You can imagine how scared our friend’s family is for the lives of their loved ones. We fear the worst things happen to them, but they survived and reconnected with their family. Not only them but their far relatives too, a total of four adults and three children, after traveling together by foot. They have lost everything. Their homes and possessions have been destroyed. You can read the full story below. At this moment we’re trying to bring them to safety in the U.S. We raising money to help them with immediate expenses and to purchase airline tickets to bring them all here, or to Germany and help them get started in their new lives. Anything you can contribute will be greatly appreciated. Also, if you can help in any other way, even with advice please reach out to me. 


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