Flying Balalaika Brothers

About The Band

Founded in 1995 by guitar virtuoso Eugeniy Kolykhanov, aka Zhenya Rock, Flying Balalaika Brothers began their journey  in Los Angeles before establishing roots in the musically vibrant city of Austin, Texas. For over 20 years, the group has played for lots of diverse audiences around the world.
Their unique blend of Gypsy folk, electric rock and dynamic interactive visual performances featured an intriguing blend of distinctive and diverse cultural styles on accordion, balalaika prima, acoustic and electric guitars, drums, and their signature, bass balalaika – and triangle-shaped contrabass that has been a central part of Russian folk music for centuries.
Audiences of all ages and cultures have enjoyed the group’s revolutionary sound at a number of international music festivals, as well as on television and in several feature films. Check them out for yourself at their next performance!

Upcoming Shows